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The Christchurch Model Yacht Club is situated beside Lake Victoria in Hagley Park, right in the middle of the city. The lake is ideal for model yachting, and the club is strong with a general membership of 100 or so sailors.  

Wednesday Windlers use a course that takes them walking around the lake in alternate clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations. The break for lunch is a great time for social chit-chat and discussions on boats (of course!). The image here shows a lunch break on a fine Wednesday. Saturdays are race days with rostered Race Officers and courses with as good a beat in them as possible.  

After the September 2010 earthquake, the lake suffered quite some damage and the February 2011 quake emptied it. The City Council began the major task of repairs, but while this was going on, the Club had to make its home at the Groynes in Harewood. Most of 2011, the area at the Groynes was our major sailing water. 2012 saw a move to Lake Rua, not far from the Groynes but with deeper water and a larger area to sail. The 1m class still sails there as a group on some Sundays.  

The eagerly awaited return to Victoria Lake happened in May 2012 and officially began with the Grand Opening Day ceremony. Once more at its home waters, our Club is flourishing like never before.  

We have several strong classes of model yacht in the club. The popular 'J', the EC12, the 1 metre and a few Marblehead and Witchcrafts plus some classes that are not sailed frequently but are dusted off on special occasions. 

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