EC12 National Champs Day3

Today's weather was a repeat of the last 2 days, only stronger. There were a few casualties due to the strong gusts, and hasty repairs were made between races. 

Congratulations must go to Bruce Edgar who convincingly won the fleet racing. 

A few more photos of today's racing. 


 The day started off calm enough, and gorgeously sunny if a bit nippy. 


 Ooops! Darn gusts!



 The guys concentrating...


 Those wind gusts again! 


 A calm moment or two... 


 A fairly even race start here! 


 Daniel's camera on the back of Bruce's boat for the last race of the regatta. Here's hoping for some great footage! 


 The family lineup! 


 The sailors and race officials.


 Jeremy, winner of the Match Racing. 


Bruce, winner of the fleet racing.   

And... SOMEONE took a photo of the photographer!!  (Thank you Steve Nolan) 







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