A Poem by Lena Hill

Norm Hill's wife Lena is a poet. Norm kindly gave me a bundle of her work to read and she has a marvelous sense of humour. I enjoyed reading them.


I thought there was one that was particularly apt to put on our website for members to read. Here it is:


The Last of the Summer Wine


Come on Lena! Out of bed!

You know this is the day

Get cracking on my breakfast

Cos at 10 I'll leave to play


My batteries are charged

No lunch you'll have to make

Cos my roll and banana

I will be eating at the lake


I will get 'Whoopee' in the car

Maybe a race I'll win

But with Peter, Ian and Leon there

My chances will be slim


But I enjoy the sailing

Up and down the lake

If I was 10 years younger

Another yacht I'd make


Last week was exciting

We were all on TV

Oh we were very proud

For every one to see


It's nearly 10 o'clock

No time for a kiss

For today is Wednesday

No race I want to miss!


- by Lena Hill  2005

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