IOM Day 3

Day 2 of racing - This morning's photos.

Yesterday there was a great little breeze, although very cold. This morning we had a heavy frost and brilliant sunshine but... not much wind. So, today it wasn't so great for a lot of sailors but fantastic for a fine arts photographer! Those reflections were beautiful, some of which I have included here.


IOM 160807 102227

Hmmm. That's what the ground was like with the heavy frost. 


IOM 160807 103109

Moving slowly to line up for the start.


IOM 160807 103227

The start! And they're off! Slowly...


IOM 160807 103525

Those amazing reflections.


IOM 160807 103636

Much concentration.


IOM 160807 105204

Which way?



IOM 160807 105300

Oops! Number 23 was over!


IOM 160807 105340

Wonderful reflections...


IOM 160807 110458

Phew! That race is finished. Head for shore.


IOM 160807 110736

Tight bunch.


IOM 160807 111329

Love the starts!


IOM 160807 111943

Have to follow your boat along the edge of the lake.


IOM 160807 112027

Ah, a little breeze!


IOM 160807 112629

Uh oh! I got caught taking this shot.


IOM 160807 112900

Number 15 is beating number 23... to the start line.


IOM 160807 113333

Slow start.


IOM 160807 113442

And... number 15 is way in the lead!!


IOM 160807 113611

Through the trees.


IOM 160807 113655

I could never get a clear shot of the competitors without some trees!


IOM 160807 113752

Follow the leader around the top marks.


IOM 160807 113810


IOM 160807 114651

Just a pretty shot at the finish line.

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