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EC12 National Champs Day3

Today's weather was a repeat of the last 2 days, only stronger. There were a few casualties due to the strong gusts, and hasty repairs were made between races. 

Congratulations must go to Bruce Edgar who convincingly won the fleet racing. 

A few more photos of today's racing. 


 The day started off calm enough, and gorgeously sunny if a bit nippy. 


 Ooops! Darn gusts!



 The guys concentrating...


 Those wind gusts again! 


 A calm moment or two... 


 A fairly even race start here! 


 Daniel's camera on the back of Bruce's boat for the last race of the regatta. Here's hoping for some great footage! 


 The family lineup! 


 The sailors and race officials.


 Jeremy, winner of the Match Racing. 


Bruce, winner of the fleet racing.   

And... SOMEONE took a photo of the photographer!!  (Thank you Steve Nolan) 







EC12 National Champs Day2

Conditions were similar to yesterday, only a little sunnier. There were many frustrations for the sailors. Vern Guy changed rigs, but still had troubles and ended up pulling out. Ian Kington kept losing his boat due to electrical faults. 

Race officer and his committee worked hard and did a great job. At the finish line and computer tabulating results were Keith Lord and Allan Cook. Again great job, guys! (in spite of some mutterings about xxxx computers).

3 heats were raced back to back, then a 5 minute break, then another 3 heats etc. This was the race format all day and seemed to work well with sailors being able to mend or tweak their boats in the breaks. 

Here are a few photos. A small preview if you like. After the event I'll endeavour to put a series in the photo gallery. 











EC12 National Champs Day1

A shifty and gusty North Easterly prevailed for the first day of the EC12 National Champs, the Match Racing section. 11 participants battled it out in 11 heats. 

Congratulations to Jeremy Marris for a close win. He and Bruce Edgar tied for first place and Jeremy won on count back. 

Here are a few photos of todays event. Tomorrow will be the start of the fleet racing. Stay tuned...







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