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IOM Day 3

Day 2 of racing - This morning's photos.

Yesterday there was a great little breeze, although very cold. This morning we had a heavy frost and brilliant sunshine but... not much wind. So, today it wasn't so great for a lot of sailors but fantastic for a fine arts photographer! Those reflections were beautiful, some of which I have included here.


IOM 160807 102227

Hmmm. That's what the ground was like with the heavy frost. 


IOM 160807 103109

Moving slowly to line up for the start.


IOM 160807 103227

The start! And they're off! Slowly...


IOM 160807 103525

Those amazing reflections.


IOM 160807 103636

Much concentration.


IOM 160807 105204

Which way?



IOM 160807 105300

Oops! Number 23 was over!


IOM 160807 105340

Wonderful reflections...


IOM 160807 110458

Phew! That race is finished. Head for shore.


IOM 160807 110736

Tight bunch.


IOM 160807 111329

Love the starts!


IOM 160807 111943

Have to follow your boat along the edge of the lake.


IOM 160807 112027

Ah, a little breeze!


IOM 160807 112629

Uh oh! I got caught taking this shot.


IOM 160807 112900

Number 15 is beating number 23... to the start line.


IOM 160807 113333

Slow start.


IOM 160807 113442

And... number 15 is way in the lead!!


IOM 160807 113611

Through the trees.


IOM 160807 113655

I could never get a clear shot of the competitors without some trees!


IOM 160807 113752

Follow the leader around the top marks.


IOM 160807 113810


IOM 160807 114651

Just a pretty shot at the finish line.

IOM Day 2 - all go!

Day 2 photos. It was a cold day, but thankfully we didn't get the predicted bad weather. 



IOM 160806 101056

Launching the boats before racing to make sure everything works.



IOM 160806 101940

The briefing.


IOM 160806 104649 2

Racing will commence shortly.


IOM 160806 111324

Minor adjustments to be made.



IOM 160806 111539

The caffeine fix is at the ready!


IOM 160806 111705

Such concentration!


IOM 160806 112315

The race officials discuss progress.


IOM 160806 112448 2

Preparing for the next heat.


IOM 160806 113945

View of the racing from the other side of the lake.


IOM 160806 115722

Heading downwind.


IOM 160806 115745

Rounding the mark.


IOM 160806 115757



IOM 160806 120033

Boats being retrieved and the next fleet launching theirs.


IOM 160806 121059

Sailors amongst the trees.


IOM 160806 122211

A good start.


IOM 160806 154021

Another view from the opposite side of the lake.


IOM 160806 154842

Oops! Was over the line at the start!


IOM 160806 155714

Boat retrieval.


IOM 160806 162320

They're off!


IOM 160806 165006

On the downwind leg.


IOM 160806 165754

Can you see your boat? Which one is mine?


IOM 160806 165851

End of the day and the RO, Rod Liddy, unhooks the starter.


IOM 160806 171008

Time to pack up the boats for the day.





IOM Day 1 - Registration

Lake Rua was a hive of activity when I arrived with my camera in hand. The sailors had their boats in the water for a test run and they looked great! Not so great was the weather. Everyone was well-wrapped up against the cold. I was told they'd just about had everything today - rain, hail, sleet, wind, no wind, North West, South West... 

Some photos below. We hope the weather is kind tomorrow...

The looming sky brought hail just North of Rua. Huddled agains the cold, the sailors nevertheless seemed to enjoy the test run. 

The boats fairly close together as they round the top mark. Could be an interesting contest if they're all as close as this in the actual racing. 

The rain came in, and the boats were quickly retrieved and shelter sought. 

Watch out for more news tomorrow...

- Thysje Arthur

Official event photographer.

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