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Racing Rules of Sailing updated

Please note that the RRS pdf we had on our site became corrupt and people were unable to open it. It has been replaced by a good copy. Unlike the printed version we have available in NZ, the pdf file has Appendix E in it, which lists the rule changes to accommodate Radio Controlled yachts. 

Eye Spy - Bad hair day?

Earlier in the year Eye Spy was out and about at the EC12 champs. A snapshot was taken of Chris when he was fixing his rig. Suddenly becoming aware of the camera he remarked that oh no, he didn't have his hat on, and hoped his hair looked okay.


Hmmmm. Looked fine to me! 



People are doubting whether this is REALLY Chris! Eye Spy assures us it really, really IS Chris. You ask him...

Eye Spy

When we had some newsletters, 'Eye Spy' had a feature with some candid snapshots. 


Eye Spy has migrated to the website and has a few interesting snaps to pass on. There will be one coming up on Sunday. Keep an eye out for Eye Spy posts. 

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